Armeria Newsletter vol. 4

14th July 2022

From the devs

  • ✨ We've released several new versions since our last newsletter with a bunch of new exciting features!
    • 1.17.0
      • Easier way to send and receive RESTful APIs
      • Ability to limit the maximum length of Thrift messages
      • Injecting dependencies in annotations
      • Support for Kotlin nullable type (?) in annotated services
    • 1.16.0
      • New metrics for TLS handshake results
      • Handling Decorator annotation with GrpcService for your gRPC stubs
      • Programmatic Flags configuration via Java SPI
    • 1.15.0
      • Support for gRPC health check protocol
      • Multipart file uploads in annotated services
      • GraphQL support in DocService
      • Refactored DNS resolver cache with higher hit ratio and reduced traffic
      • New metrics that help you get alerts before your TLS certificates are expired
    • 1.14.0
  • 👂 Armeria team is hosting bi-weekly virtual office hours.
    • It was great talking with all of you through the video chat. We hope we can see you again in the near future. :)

From the community

  • 🎓 Try out this guided tutorial for REST Service! This super friendly and simple tutorial will guide you to make a blog service, with which you can create, read, update and delete blog posts. In particular, you'll be using these Armeria features:
    • Service annotations
    • Request converter
    • Parameter injection
    • Exception handler
    • Blocking task executor
  • 🦾 MSA(Microservices Architecture): Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We need your comments

Good first issues

🔰 Want to contribute but not sure where to start from? Try one of these:

  • #4237 Support for request scoped DataLoader for GraphQL-Java
    class GraphqlServiceBuilder {
        public GraphqlServiceBuilder dataLoaderRegistry(
          Function<ServiceRequestContext, DataLoaderRegistry>
          dataLoaderRegistrySupplier) {
             // This method will be mutually exclusive
             // with configureDataLoaderRegistry(...)
  • #4347 Show the full stack trace of CompositeException when the system property verboseExceptions is true

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