Virtual office hours

Armeria virtual office hours are informal Google Meet sessions anyone can join bi-weekly to talk about any topics related with Armeria, including but not limited to:

  • Questions
    • "Can I use Armeria for <X>?"
    • "How does Armeria compare to <Y>?"
    • "How do I do <Z> with Armeria?"
  • Contribution
    • "How does Armeria work internally?"
    • "I want to contribute to Armeria. Where should I start?"
  • Project future
    • "What's the next cool feature we should work on?"
    • "What should we fix or improve?"
  • Just getting familiar with community members

How to join


Armeria virtual office hours take place with alternating schedules to cover different time zones:

Importing the community event calendar

  • Click here if you're using Google Calendar.
  • Import this iCal file if you're using an iCal-compatible app.