1.13.3 release notes

23rd November 2021

🛠️ Bug fixes

  • You no longer see Maximum active streams violated for this endpoint. exception anymore. #3858 #3908
  • DecodingClient does not raise an exception anymore when duplicated encodings are specified. #3932 #3934
    • The duplicated encodings are silently ignored.
  • An early cancelled HttpResponse is now correctly decremented from the number of active responses. #3920
  • The text in the description sections is now correctly rendered in DocService. #3917
  • The status of a protocol violation is now correctly logged by LoggingService #3914
    • A ResponseHeaders is written exactly once when a protocol violation error is raised.
  • DocServicePlugin for gRPC now reads description from bin, desc, dsc, pb, and protobin file. #3912
  • EurekaEndpointGroupBuilder now fails if an empty string is specified for appName and other parameters. #3903
  • OkHttp can be used with self-signed certificate in Armeria. #3902
    • Users can use with the default self-signed certificate.
  • GraphqlService now produces a graphql+json response when the Accept header is *. #3898
  • You can now specify an empty path for the request path. #3824 #3942

🙇 Thank you