Armeria Newsletter vol. 6

8th December 2023

From the devs

  • ✨ We've released several new versions since our last newsletter with a bunch of new exciting features! Here are the highlights between 1.24.0 and 1.26.4.

From the community

  • 🎙️ The latest in Spring Boot + Armeria integration
    • Dive into the synergistic integration of Spring Boot 3 and Armeria in this enlightening webinar by @joshlong and @trustin. Discover the cutting-edge features and seamless compatibility that make them an unbeatable combination for modern server-side development.
  • ⚙️ Internal workings of an HTTP client
    • Think you've mastered how HTTP clients work internally? Join @jrhee17 at JCConf Taiwan 2023 for an eye-opening exploration into the intricate mechanics of HTTP clients.
  • gRPC supercharged with Armeria
    • Elevate your gRPC expertise with @trustin as he introduces common microservice patterns and techniques, from client-side load balancing to robust automatic retries and circuit breakers. Learn how you can implement them easily using Armeria's out-of-the-box features.
  • ❤️‍🔥 A heartfelt thanks to Gradle, Inc
    • Immense gratitude to Gradle, Inc for their donation of the Gradle Enterprise instance. Their collaboration has been instrumental in exponentially enhancing our build performance. This generosity and partnership are truly invaluable to our community.

Customer highlight

  • 💲 Square CashApp engineering has adopted Armeria as their microservice framework! Top 3 benefits according to the CashApp team:
    • Good docs & responsive community
    • Excellent Kotlin support
    • Outstanding gRPC·HTTP·etc support
  • 🙋 Who else are using Armeria?

We need your comments

  • 🤔 Your opinion means a lot to us. Please let us know what you think about these proposals:
    • #4792 What would be the sensible default configuration for Armeria's latency metrics?
    • #5161 What features and customizability would you expect from Armeria's rolling updates support?

Good first issues

  • 🔰 Want to contribute but not sure where to start from? Try these issues:
    • #5289 Add EventLoopSchedulerFactory
    • #5219 Provide an option to preserve %-encoding in the request path

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