Armeria Newsletter vol. 2

2nd February 2021

From the devs

Armeria 1.4.0 has been released.

🏆 We nominated contributors for a reward!

  • From the last contributor reward in April 2019 to Armeria 1.3.0 release in December 2020, Armeria got 63 contributors.
  • Surprisingly, 52 of them were first-time contributors.
  • As a token of appreciation, we've sent a thank you note with a gift.
  • Thanks all for participating with us, and we're looking forward to seeing you keep it up with this year. 😄

From the community

📝 Building a gRPC Client Standard with Open Source to Boost Reliability and Velocity | by @haithamgabr

  • Doordash engineering has adopted Armeria as a gRPC client, using the features like DNS service discovery, client-side load balancing, and circuit breaker.

🎤 A Bootiful Podcast: Netty and Armeria founder Trustin Lee | by @trustin and @joshlong

  • @joshlong interviews Netty and Armeria founder @trustin. As you may notice from this episode, Trustin is now mainly working on Armeria from Databricks.

🚀 http4s-armeria 0.1.0 released

  • Good news for Scala users; you can now use Armeria as a backend for http4s.

We need your comments

🤔 Your opinion means a lot to us. Please let us know what you think about these proposals:

  • #3051 Use context for when the subscriber is created by Reactor, not Publisher
  • #3155 Unify gRPC timeout scheduler between gRPC server and client.

Good first issues

Want to contribute but not sure where to start from? Try one of these:

  • #3315 Programmatically create a blocking task executor with a custom thread size, perhaps by adding a new builder method to ServerBuilder that takes the number of threads.

Stay tuned

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