Armeria Newsletter vol. 1

3rd July 2020

Do you remember we once told you Armeria 1.0.0 will be out around the end of 2019? It's already 50% past 2020, COVID-19 still strays around the city, and we have yet a few issues in our ever-growing backlog for the next release. Nevertheless, I feel like 1.0.0 is really close this time. Así es la vida! 😅 — @trustin

From the devs

From the community

  • Using Reactive Streams with Armeria - Part 1 and Part 2
    • @ikhoon introduces the basic concepts of Reactive Streams, and explains how you can use Reactive Streams with Armeria, including the details about:
      • How to handle backpressure - observer pattern, push method and pull method
      • How Reactive Streams API works - Publisher, Subscriber, and Subscription
      • How to interoperate between different Reactive Streams impls, such as Reactor and RxJava
      • Cool Armeria features that help you implement a microservice
  • LINE Bot API with Armeria
    • @carlsagan21 shows how his team uses Armeria for Thrift and gRPC services in an Envoy-based service mesh.

We need your comments

Your opinion means a lot to us. Please let us know what you think about these proposals:

  • #2793 Which nullness annotation library should we use? Stick to JSR-305, or use JetBrains Java annotations?
  • #2862 Should PooledAggregatedHttp{Request,Response} extend SafeCloseable? What's the best way to handle reference-counted objects and their access?

Good first issues

Want to contribute but not sure where to start from? Try one of these:

  • #1934 :examples:static-files:test fails when a home directory has index.html.
  • #2119 Override new CompletableFuture methods in Java 12 for ContextAwareFuture

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