Overriding client timeouts

Sometimes, the default timeouts used by the Armeria clients do not suit a particular scenario well. In these cases, you might want to override the timeout settings.

Using ClientBuilder

import java.time.Duration;

import com.linecorp.armeria.client.Clients;

int responseTimeout = 30;
int writeTimeout = 10;

HelloService.Iface client =

Using WebClientRequestPreparation

You can override the properties defined in RequestOptions at request level using WebClient.prepare().

import com.linecorp.armeria.client.WebClient;

WebClient client = WebClient.of("http://example.com");

Using RequestOptions

You can also create a RequestOptions to override the properties at request level. The created RequestOptions could be passed to WebClient.execute(HttpRequest,RequestOptions) with an HttpRequest.

import com.linecorp.armeria.client.RequestOptions;
import com.linecorp.armeria.common.HttpRequest;

HttpRequest req = HttpRequest.of(HttpMethod.GET, "/hello");
RequestOptions options =
client.execute(req, options);

Adjusting connection-level timeouts

You need to build a non-default ClientFactory using ClientFactoryBuilder to override the default connection-level timeouts such as connect timeout and idle timeout programmatically:

import com.linecorp.armeria.client.ClientFactory;

ClientFactory factory =
                 // Increase the connect timeout from 3.2s to 10s.
                 // Shorten the idle connection timeout from 10s to 5s.
                 // Note that you can also adjust other connection-level
                 // settings such as enabling HTTP/1 request pipelining.

Note that ClientFactory implements java.lang.AutoCloseable and thus needs to be closed when you terminate your application. On close(), ClientFactory will close all the connections it manages and abort any requests in progress.

Using JVM system properties

You can override the default client timeouts by specifying the following JVM system properties if you do not prefer setting it programmatically:

  • -Dcom.linecorp.armeria.defaultClientIdleTimeoutMillis=<integer>
    • the default client-side idle timeout of a connection for keep-alive in milliseconds. Default: 10000
  • -Dcom.linecorp.armeria.defaultConnectTimeoutMillis=<integer>
    • the default client-side timeout of a socket connection attempt in milliseconds. Default: 3200
  • -Dcom.linecorp.armeria.defaultWriteTimeoutMillis=<integer>
    • the default client-side timeout of a socket write attempt in milliseconds. Default: 1000
  • -Dcom.linecorp.armeria.defaultResponseTimeoutMillis=<integer>
    • the default client-side timeout of a response in milliseconds. Default: 15000